Date published: November 27, 2019

Get the best rates for 4G LTE in Europe

Are you ready for tomorrow’s maritime data needs?

In the maritime sector, data is becoming more important every day. For on-board operations, passengers and crew, reliable, failsafe connectivity is essential. Demand for high bandwidth, low latency solutions is increasing and as more devices and services are introduced, this requirement will keep growing. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach because every environment and client requirement is unique. Providing a solution to meet these needs requires experience and know-how.

That’s where Dutch Marine Technology comes in:

  • Reduced costs and the best rates available
  • Connections via a premium European provider with its own network
  • Backup by a second reliable provider guarantees optimum coverage and uptime
  • Carefully specified and installed systems that meet your exact needs
  • Full integration with existing equipment
  • Optimum performance and maximum benefit for guests, crew, operations and IoT
  • Management and maintenance support
  • No out-of-bundle billing surprises

Only a tailor-made, flexible solution will meet your current situation and future needs. Dutch Marine Technology offers decades of experience in communications, connectivity and internet, and passenger and crew entertainment systems. Get in touch and find out what options are available for your specific situation, needs and wishes!

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